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gestire fasi del cambiamento

There is a need for change: in work, in our private lives, in ourselves. Or there is a need to change the world around us and how we are involved. In these situations, the difference is the level of awareness of our own resources, the focus of well-defined objectives. Understanding fully the process of change, in any sectors in which it occurs, is essential for channelling energy in a constructive path. The Studio’s professionals are experts in change and learning. We offer professional support, methodologies and tools that are suitable for orienting choices and managing the phases of change knowingly, constructively and efficiently.

The talent of change
What does change mean? What ideas do we associate with the term change? Innovation, transformation, improvement? Or, instability, loss, risk? Or do we alternate between these ideas?

Change is, above all, a fact of life for each person: something with which we deal every day. Beginning with the biological-vegetative dimension that tells us that all the cells of our body change every day, then go on to the emotional dimension in which we feel the success and the alternation of feelings, passions, emotions, to the intellectual sphere where we realize changes of ideas on events and people and we make choices that introduce new elements that modify our lives and those of others. Circumstances at work change, the people that surround us and we could go on endlessly. Therefore, life itself, at every level, implies change: hence, managing change means managing the various dimensions of our existence. When change concerns us, our convictions, certain consolidated mechanisms, it is often difficult. All seems to be well, nestled in the world of our habits and we do not notice that we are living in situations of stalemate, blocked by paradigms that block innovation, opening and improvement.

So it is a matter of discovering the talent of change. Change is a value: it requires being constantly open to the reality around us, to lose the fear of risking abandoning the old and to focus on new opportunities and our own interior strength. “Breaking habits gives access to new roads, makes life more interesting, opens doors to new discoveries, gains new friends, makes a person more brilliant. Agility is a vital question and will always be increasingly necessary” (Whitmore, 2011).

It is a matter of identifying the dimensions on our lives on which we can intervene in order to make our actions more efficient and to make our dreams come true. The coaching rapport will help to define what depends on us in the management of our daily lives and to implement our own areas of strength and to overcome the obstacles to our growth and fulfilment.

How is it possible to overcome our limits? On which aspects is it necessary to understand what is holding back the desired transformation and which speed it up in order to avoid stasis and blockages in our life’s paths, professional and private? What blocks the passage from desire to action?

These are some of the questions that will find answers and promptness of action in a path of coaching. Change requires awareness and strength. Awareness of being in touch with our inner values and coming into touch with our own strength: then and only then our energies will be released, and we will act in accordance with ourselves.

by Federica Bergamino