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il bilancio delle competenze

The changes taking place in the labour market’s structure and characteristics determine the importance of individual responsibility of managers and professionals: actively managing your own career is the prime element for achievement, security and satisfaction. In this way if today it becomes risky letting yourself be carried away by events or passively entrusting yourself to the organization to which you belong, constant and clear monitoring of your situation, autonomy in making decisions and the capacity to develop yourself are, on the other hand, key factors and strong predictive elements for professional success and wellbeing in the long term. At the Studio coaches with wide experience support the empowerment of managers and professionals. A decisive step: the Balance of Skills, an objective and solid foundation for taking founded initiatives and minimizing errors.

Evaluating, strengthening and developing your professional resources.

Years of working experience, a professional path rich with contents, contexts and opportunities in evolution...can be a good moment for making a point.

The Balance of Skills is an efficient piece in the construction of your own path to improvement and passes through an in-depth photograph of individual characteristics: attitude, potential, capacity and skills, as well as aspirations, balance and different possibilities. It activates a profound awareness in yourself, of your worth and of the possibilities for alternative development with a vision that can be developed nationally and internationally.

The Studio’s experts accompany managers through comparative interviews, specific tests and development tools for mapping out and strengthening skills present and experience already matured as successive goals are identified and they are oriented towards the next choices.
The results include:

- a clear and incisive presentation of yourself that is certified by objective data and specific dossiers of profiles that are internationally recognized
– a well-defined and achievable career plan together with a motivating professional identity and perspective
– a detailed action plan and objectives that are concretely stated.

The analysis of the skills undertaken at the Studio is never standard or pre-packaged. It is, on the other hand, planned after the meeting with the coach on the basis of specific individual needs. Objectives, the times for the path and the tools to be used are fully personalized and selected during the interaction between partner and coach.

by Laura Ravanetti